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Neptuner Coding Guidelines

NEPTUNER Coding Guidelines
- sonofdelphi

* To enable faster coding with an IDE
* To enable better debugging, no guessing what a variable is!

Variable naming

Variables are named as:

Scope Modifier
* Member variables start with m_
* Global variables start with g_
* Function Parameters start with "in_"
* Local variables don't have a scope modifier

Indirection Modifier
* Pointer variables start with p
* Reference variables start with r
* Other variables don't have an indirection modifier

Aggregation Modifier
* a - aggregates (arrays, vectors, lists etc)
* Plain variables don't have an aggregation modifier

Usage Modifier
* n - used for counting
* s - used as string
* c - character
* b - used as boolean
* f - used as a function. Deprecated though.
* e - enumeration types
* x - other structs, x = Complex = non-simple
* Other types (what are they?:-) don't have a usage modifier.

* Use a single indent for every {} block.

* { and } should be on new lines, at the same indentation level as the conditional.

* Single line conditionals need not have {} marking.
But make sure you indent the single statement.

Type naming
* Follow TitleCasing for user-defined types - classes, structs, enums.
class Student
string m_sName;
int m_nMarks;

Function naming
* Functions should follow camelCase.
* The first word of a function should be a verb.
Eg: doSomeThing()

Pseudoclass functions
* For C-style module functions, name as ModuleName_
Eg: Neptuner_addStuff

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