Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Limits Of Unit Diagnosis

Unit-testing can uncover many kinds of deficiencies, gaps and faults. It is not the responsibility of a unit test to verify whether the function actually works or not, that is the domain of functionality-tests. Indeed, a unit may be successfully tested by the unit-test suite and still not work!

1) Inaccurate definitions - If the function succeeds even if some preconditions deemed necessary are not fulfilled, then probably the designer has made an error in the specification.
2) Unaddressed requirements - That lengthy switch-case might be missing a few cases!
3) Certain kinds of bugs - Typos in parts of the code that affect the post-condition enforcement can be caught.
4) Programmer indiscipline - Perhaps that developer might be missing a few basic but essential checks?

If nothing, it provides a way of ensuring complete coverage and execution of the developed code, an objective that would be difficult or time-consuming to achieve otherwise.

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