Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Heart For The GNU

This short poem tries to encapsulate some Linux history.

Linus Torvalds wanted to modify Andrew Tenenbaum's MINIX operating system initially. But Tanenbaum did not give him permission, so he set about writing his own operating system. This became the kernel for the GNU project which aimed at making a free operating system.

Tanenbaum forbade,
Linus obeyed.
Fiat Linux!
Freedom redux.

- Thomas Jay Cubb

1. "Fiat Lux" is a Latin phrase meaning "let there be light" from the Bible's Genesis book which relates God's creation of the world. Linus, the Creator! So, Fiat Linux.
2. redux = Brought back. The GNU OS project was losing steam and face, for the lack of a suitable kernel for its operating system. The Linux kernel, so to say, resurrected it. (GNU/Linux)

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